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Bankruptcy and restructuring

Economical and legal status of a debtor, which has gone economically bankrupt, and his creditors, is being handled through insolvency law. Timely declaration of bankruptcy or allowance of restructuring can prevent negative economic impact of unsuccessful subject, increase of its liabilities and decrease of the value of its assets. In case these events are not prevented on time, the insolvency of one subject can gradually cause the insolvency of other subject and therefore leads to the degradation of their economic position on the market. The aim of bankruptcy proceedings is mainly to obtain the highest possible yield from the debtor´s property in the shortest possible time period and for the lowest possible costs.

 However, it is necessary to claim your rights, therefore in relation to the bankruptcy and restructuring,we provide our clients with the following services:

  • preparation of legal analysis and standings
  • representation of clients – creditors – in the bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, mostly during registration of their receivables, incidence disputes, creditors meetings or in the creditor committees
  • representation of clients – debtors – in the bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings
  • preparation of proposals for commencement of bankruptcy proceedings
  • preparation of proposals for elimination of debts
  • representation in the bankruptcy or restructuring relating proceedings
  • legal advisory in the area of insolvency law (bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings)