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Why cooperation with me?

We will inform you about your case every step of the way. We will not do anything without your prior notice. We will not do anything without your prior notice. We will provide you with a realistic view of the matter and related solutions.
Individual approach
We approach every client individually, while paying due attention to their needs and the specificities of each case. The basis of our work is to accommodate clients with high-quality legal services, to provide support to clients.
Satisfaction of client
The outcome of our work is to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our client, what we try to achieve by appropriate communication with clients, by honesty and fairness when offering legal services. In our opinion, every problem has its solution.
Focus on goals
Most clients don’t have a goal, they just get going. Once we’re sure where you want to end up, will we find the right strategy and help you to achieve your intentions.
As a young and developing law firm, we offer affordable services to our clients, while assessing every issue on a case-by-case basis. When using our services, you will always be notified in advance about the procedure of the problem solving.
Fast legal services
Since we cooperate with numerous attorneys-at-law as well as other law firms, we can provide legal services promptly, efficiently and in a precise and timely manner. You do not have to wait for the solution of your problem for a few days.

Legal services

In the field of commercial law we ensure legal assistance to our clients, which contains assessment and preparation of commercial contracts …

In relation to the civil law we provide our clients with complex legal counselling in the following areas: advisory in the pre-contract relationships, …

We provide our clients with complex legal counselling relating to the operation of gambling, including the representation before respective state administration bodies …

Are you operating an international road freight transport? We can assist you with the preparation of necessary documentation as well as representation …

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