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Civil law / Personality protection

In relation to the civil law, we provide our clients with complex legal counselling, especially in the following areas:

  • advisory in the pre-contract relationships
  • preparation and commenting of contracts under civil law
  • liability for damage and unjust enrichment (providing legal advice and eventual preparation of legal actions, representation of clients before state authority bodies)
  • contradicting the legal acts pursuant to the Civil Code
  • cancellation and settlement of divided co-ownership and estate by entirety of spouses, and others


In this area, we deal with, inter alia, the personality protection. In accordance with section 11 of the Civil Code, the subject-matter of personality protection is mainly life and health of persons, civil honour, human dignity, privacy, name and private expressions. In case any of your above-mentioned rights have been violated, legal norms recognize various means of court protection, e.g. you can request to abstain from such unjustified violation, to eliminate the consequences of unjustified violation, or to obtain adequate satisfaction.

In relation to the personality protection,we provide our clients with the following services:

  • ensuring the protection against unlawful violations of the personal rights of individuals
  • enforcing claims on the compensation of non-material damage as well as compensation of damage caused by the interferences to life and health of individuals
  • preparation of legal actions on personality protection and representation at the courts