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Commercial law / Corporate law

Commercial law – consultancy, contract preparation and legal representation

In the field of commercial law, we ensure legal assistance to our clients, which containsassessment and preparation of commercial contracts, while considering the specific needs and requirements of each client. In the course of contract drafting, we take into account various risks and we propose to our clients proper means of the protection of their interests in any case, especially if the counter-party does not duly fulfil its contractual obligations.


 In relation to the commercial law, our lawyers provide clients with the following legal services:

  • legal counselling in the pre-contract relationships
  • preparation, drafting and commenting of commercial contracts
  • representation during negotiations on contract conclusion
  • preparation of legal analysis on the basis of submitted legal documents, and other documents required by our clients, such as legal opinions, recommendations, proposals, solutions, applications, requests, etc.
  • protection against unfair competition, protection of a business name and business secrets (providing legal advice and eventual preparation of legal actions to abstain from conducting unfair competition practises, to eliminate unlawful state, to extradite unjust enrichment, or to compensate damages)
  • legal representation of the clients in commercial law related disputes, including the representation before business partners

Choice of Company type – consultancy, establishment / change / dissolution of the company

 If you plan to run your own business, we have a solution for you as well. The choice of the right legal form of the company is one of the main prerequisites for your business success. In this field, we provide complex legal services relating to corporate law, legal advisory when choosing the right legal form of operating your business and we can ensure complete services regarding the formation and incorporation of the company, changes in the company´s information, or winding up of a company, as well as legal counselling in the case of protection of companies during the operation of their business.

 When representing the clients before the respective District Office – trade registers or business registers, we mostly use qualified electronic signature, which saves time and money of our clients.

In relation to the corporate law, we provide our clients with the following legal services:

  • formation of companies
  • preparation of company´s internal documentation and rules
  • incorporation of companies into business registers
  • changes in business names and registered seats of companies
  • changes in the statutory body of the company
  • extension or reduction of the company´s business activities
  • increase or decrease of the company´s registered capital
  • transfer of the ownership interest
  • winding up of companies
  • liquidation of companies
  • merger and takeover of companies
  • provision of other legal advice within the field of corporate law


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