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Majerská 44, 821 07 Bratislava

About us

The aim of our law firm is to provide the clients with high-quality, complex and efficient legal services and legal advice. We offer legal advice to natural as well as legal persons. In case of each dispute, our main interest is to reach an agreement between the parties involved, which can savea lot of costs for our clients.

We treat every client individually, while considering theirparticular needs as well as the specificities of their cases. We offer legal services precisely and on high-quality level, with the goal of achieving the maximum success and minimalizing the costs of the clients.

When offering legal services, we pay attention to the explanations for the clients, so that they in each case understand why, when and how the services will be provided to them. Our main interest is to be a good and reliable business partner for our clients, on whom the clientscan rely on anytime. We can offer the necessary legal assistance to our clients both in easy matters as well as in the most difficult legal issues.

In our law firm, the ultimate satisfaction of the client comes first.

We offer legal services to the clients in Slovak and English language.


JUDr. Simona Ondrejkovičová, attorney-at-law

mobil: + 421 905 311 488

Master of Law (Pan-European University in Bratislava, Faculty of Law)
Doctor of Law (Pan-European University in Bratislava, Faculty of Law)

Slovak, English

Simona graduated from Pan-European University in Bratislava. Since 2019, she is a member of the Slovak Bar Association. During her career, she has been working in several law firms in Bratislava and she undertookan internship in London focusing on the immigration and criminal law. Therefore, she has obtained knowledge in different areas of law, which helps her in having a complex approach in problem solving of our clients. She specializes mainly in the areas of commercial law, transport law, law on the protection of personality and gambling law. Nevertheless, she can provide her clients with legal advice in the matters of civil law as well as other legal matters.

She is of the opinion that regardless the difficulty of the case, every case has its solution, it is only needed to find that solution. That is why she loves law. She builds the relationships with her clients on mutual trust and she always tries to solve the problems of her clients as efficiently as possible, without doing any unnecessary acts. She always offers legal services on high level of expertise and quality.